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Class on the republic of Ireland and more specifically Northern Ireland
Before we focus on the troubles with the study of the film In the Name Of the Father, let us explore the history of Ireland through various artistic forms. Art is a testimony of the past. It helps us understand a society better.

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Week 1 : 16th March — Belfast´s walls

Northern Ireland´s street art

Belfast´s murals reveal the troubled past of Northern Ireland but also promise a brighter future

LIsten and do the activities under the video


Here is the Vocabulary to learn for the notion « Art and Power ».
 LVC : you do not have to learn the vocabulary that  is not in CAPITAL letters



Baccalaureat LVA LVB

with this lesson you are

  1. working on your vocabulary around the notion « Art and Power »
  2. Practising listening comprehension for the examination at the beginning of Terminales (levels : B2 for LVA and B1 for LVB)

Weeks 2-3 : 23rd March _ Songs that reflect the past and have become history — Part 1

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Read THe Article and answer the

questions underneath

Q 1 : explain the context in which « Sunday Bloody Sunday » was written.

What is the event called « Bloody Sunday » about ? What happened ? When ? Where ? Who protested ? Why? If necessary browse the Internet for more information.

Q 2 : explain the sentence “the song will be sung wherever there are rock fans with mullets and rage, from Sarajevo to Tehran.” 

Also quote the end of the audio doc (on the right) to explain.

Listen and answer the

questions underneath

Help : Easter Rising

Q 3 : What do you learn about Bono’s family background ? and his father’s opinion about the troubles (the Anglo-Irish  conflict) ?

Q4.A : What are real borders to Bono ?

(end of doc)

Q4.b : optional, Bonus question (level C1)

What does the name of the event / song contrast with ?

Watch the video clip, listen to the song and answer the questions

The clip contains images from the film « Bloody Sunday », real photographs of the events and of the troubles.

Q 5 : Explain the following sentences :

a. « I won´t heed the battle call. It puts my back up against the wall »

b. » there´s many lost but tell me who has won? »

c. »it´s true we are immune… we eat and drink while tomorrow they die »

Q6 : What is the message 0f the song ?

Q7 : Choose to answer one of the 2 questions.

a. Talk about the musical quality of the song (rhythm, riff, mood, etc) (about 60 words)


Weeks 4-5 : 20th April _ Songs that reflect the past and have become history — Part 2

1) Read THe Article and Take notes on the following questions to get ready for the lesson on 6th May. The homework will be checked.

LVC students : choose 1 question from q1 to Q3 and do q4

Q 1 : What change did the song « Zombie » bring for the career of the Cranberries ?

Q 2 : COntext : What nationality are the Cranberries and when was the song released ?

Q 3 : What is the song about and what is the band´s position on the issue ? Justify with at least 2 quotes from the song

Q4 : Video clip project, favourite protest song project or creative project

Choose one task


Are you interested in filmmaking ?

  • Analyze the video clip of « zombie »
  • OR make a video clip for a protest song of your choice that illustrates the meaning. In the video clip the keywords of the song should appear as well as the meaning if those words may be new to your classmates. Prepare a little introduction for the class within your video clip or as a brief oral presentation in class. Download the clip on a USB key and show it to the class on 6th May.


Write a protest song on a theme of your choice and submit the lyrics on 6th May. OR sing and record it, in which case you will have until 15th May to submit it. Whether we let the class listen to it is up to you. no pressure !


  • a) Prepare a brief description of your favourite protest song for the class and let them guess which one it is.
  • b) Explain how you feel about the song and why or what appeals to you in that song.
  • c) Download the song on a USB key or phone so that the class can listen to the beginning on 6th May.
  • If you have no favourite protest song, look for one on the web, ask your parents, grand-parents, siblings or friends which is their favourite and report their answers on a), b) and c).

« Zombie » by Cranberries

Singing for peace

2) Watch the original video clip And Listen

In class you will be given the lyrics with blanks as well as a list of words to fill in the blanks with.

1) If the words are hard to understand read the LYRICS as you listen to the song.

2) Get prepared to the lesson on 6th May by looking for the meaning of expressions /words that are new for you and take notes (I advise the Oxford dictionary or Webster´s dictionary online)

If you find it too hard to understand The Song, Listen to the unplugged version Here 

Weeks 6-7-8 : 4th May _ 100 ways to explore Ireland


Get prepared ! Present your subject in a 1mn presentation in our video conference on Wed, 20th May

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