Baccalauréat – oral presentation

Document Neil Harbisson Ted Global 2012

Notion : The Idea of Progress, Myths and Heroes

Here is

I / a series of ideas and questions that may guide you for your preparation.

II / Underneath you will find how Neil Harbisson and his work have been « advancing » since 2012. This will also help you for your presentation.

I / Guidance for the Baccalaureat

1. With the first officially registered cyborg are we entering the era of a new species ?

2. If so, what for ?

– Correct nature ? –> achieve equality or some kind of counterweight for people with handicaps ?

– Or enhance humanity ?

3. What con account for (= explain) the humans´need to enhance humanity ?

4. What could be the benefits of engineering a superhuman species ?

5. What would be the consequences of a two-class society with humans and superhumans?

 _ Also, according to Neil Harbisson designing ourselves is even a way to respond to the environmental issues we have caused as a species. Why ? Listen here from 3:15 to the end (it´s only 1:30 mn )

6. According to Neil Harbisson today « we can decide what species we want to be ». What opportunities could this possibility offer ? How would you decide to change our species ? Would you limit alterations to some extent or altogether ? why ?

7. Is cyborgism /transhumanism THE solution to compete with intelligently superior machines in the future ? Next time we will explore Elon Musk´s condiderations on this idea.

II / Further advances for Neil Harbisson, a cyborg under construction and emergence of other cyborgs

 – Listen from 8:07 to 9:06 and from 25:05 to 27:09 to  here

 He explains that 5 people in the world can send colours that he can perceive or even influence his dreams. He sees the Internet as a 6th sense and believes that more people will gradually consider it that way. Discover what other sense he is eager to develop (25:05 to 27:09)

– From 18:10 to 19:12–> about cyborg rights

– From 19:12 to : 22:08 other unbelievable cyborgs, among whom some can perceive things in space while remaining on the earth !

– And in the case you have a tooth missing one day, just have a look at what Neil Harbisson suggests you to do. From 22:04 to 24:00

– Do you consider Neil Harbisson as an artificial creature ? He does not deem (=considers) himself half human half machine.  He rather believes that he is closer to nature now with his new senses than he has ever been before. Listen from 27:09 to 28:15 in order to find out why.  





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