Dissecting the monster

Chapter V – the birth of the monster

1- Listen to this expressive reading of the extract

In case you did not manage to get into the text, this reading should help you dive into the atmosphere of the scene and understand it better.

2- The myth of Prometheus

The novel is subtitled the Modern Prometheus. What does the mythical reference suggest ?

3- Analyzing the text

Click on the red button. You will find an analysis of the extract you worked on and your assignment for 25th Jan. Plan several sessions to discover the text analysis. Click on the red button.

Film adaptations


Optional work : Watch the 2 film adaptations of the birth of the creature and answer these questions in the written form or orally (send an audio document)


  1. 1931 version :  from what you know of the scene in the novel  report what the director adapted faithfully, or insisted on (atmosphere, psychology of the characters, the unsaid (gestures/ facial expressions) and what means he used for that.


2. 1994 version : answer the same questions here. Also, what motivated the director’s choices in portraying this fight, the chaining of the creature and the final situation when Frankenstein is looking up at the faceless creature. Finally, what is it that you understood about Shelley´s message that is portrayed differently here ?

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