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Neil Harbisson

Questions about Neil Harbisson Level B1-B2 or try level B2-C1 underneath

 You will discover the answers by by clicking on the questions. Check your comprehension before.

1. What initiated Neil Harbisson´s transformation into a cyborg?

He suffered from a rare condition that prevented him from seeing colours. He explains that he comes from a grey-scale world.

2. How can he experience colours now ? and since when ? Explain the process.

Since the age of 28 he has been able to hear colours through an antenna, an electronic eye, that is a colour sensor. The device detects the colour frequency that it sends to a chip embedded in the back of his head and he can hear the colour through bone conduction.

3. TIME : 3:23 - In the past he used to dress in a way that looked good now he dresses in a way that ....
sounds good
4. TIME : 7:25 Then Neil Harbisson departed from his project to find a replacement for his impaired vision and gave a new dimension to his device. In what way ?
He realized that human beings could not perceive all colours. Therefore he added infrared and ultraviolet to his sound scale. As a result he can now perceive things that we, normal humans, cannot.
5. What was his motivation behind the creation of the Cyborg Foundation ?
It tries to encourage people to extend their senses by using technology as part of their body. He puts forward (= states the idea, he suggests) that extending our senses is extending our knowledge. He advocates (=supports) creating applications for our body rather than for our mobile phones.

Questions about Neil Harbisson Level B2-C1

 You will discover the answers by by clicking on the questions. Check your comprehension before.

1. When did he feel that he was merging with the machine, that he was a cyborg ?
When he started to dream in colours, namely to dream that he heard the colours.
2. What was his vindication / justification for having his antenna on his passport photograph?
He justified and convinced the authorities that the device (appareil) was part of his body
3. What comparison does he use to depict to us his experience of going to an art gallery ?
It´s like going to a concert hall because he can « hear a Picasso ».
4. What image does he use to describe the experience of going to a supermarket for him ? Explain why he uses this image.
It´s like going to a night club. He uses this image because there is such variety of colours in the supermarket that it is an intense sensory experience.
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