Artificial Intelligence

Is humanity about to embrace cyborgism to « correct » nature, enhance humans, or even solve environmental problems ? And what may be the risks or downsides ?

Between fascination and threat


 How to use the page ?

This is the page for your English work from 13th January to 22nd January

1)Scroll down to I- Neil Harbisson, follow the figures (1-vocabulary, 2- meet Neil Harbisson, etc). Look for the assignment sign that says what you have to do for this time period. The first assignment consists in recording yourself on the class´s padlet, reacting to the video of Neil Harbisson

2) Then, scroll down to II- Sophia the robot, follow the figures and look for the assignment sign. Record yourself on the class´s padlet about Sophia and the innovation that is presented in III in the same audio document.

3) Scroll down to « III-Do you often lose your keys », follow the figures, look for the assignment sign.

I-Neil Harbisson, the first officially recognized cyborg


1- Vocabulary

Here is a list of vocabulary to help you understand the document

a condition : a defective state of health, a disease

a colour scale : a range / un éventail, un panel, une échelle de couleurs

a chip : une puce électronique

a cyborg : a creature that is part human, part machine.

a device : a piece of equipment that was made to do a particular job / dispositif, appareil.



2- Meet Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson is the first registered cyborg in the world.

What makes him so special ?



3- cHeck your unDerstanding

Here are a few questions to check your understanding. There are questions for levels B1-2 and B2-C1

4- Have your say

Take notes and say what you think on the class´s padlet

Answer the 2 questions of your choice underneath. Also watch one or 2 of the two other videos posted here and report other amazing facts about Neil or cyborgism.  


1. What about him can bring hope or threat for humanity ?

2. If you met him, what would you ask him ?

3. If you could enhance one of your senses, which one would it be ? What would you enhance it for ?

4. The fact that Britain accepted a photograph of him with the antenna on his passport is a sign of change. In what way ?

AND RESEARCH some new facts about Neil and cyborgism (watch 1 or 2 of the extra videos  

Listen to « This is the Future »

Choose the passages you are interested about and watch « Neil Harbisson : the Renaissance of our Species »

from 2:30 to 9:10 : want to know more about the technology ?

from 8:10 to 9:10 : The Internet of people connected to him

from 15:45 : creating electronic music with faces

from 18:10 to 19:15 : cyborg rights

from 19:15 to 21:40 and 24:00 to 27:00 : other cyborgs and projects

from 21:40 to 24 :00 : what to do about a missing tooth ?

from 24:00 : 28:10 : why he feels close to Nature

 II -Meet Sophia the robot


1- Sophia on the Tonight Show

How well can Sophia interact with Jimmy Fallon ? Watch from 4:30 onwords



2- Take notes

  1. What is fascinating, intriguing or threatening about Sophia ?
  2. Make a quick research about her status in Saoudi Arabia. How do you respond to the news ? Explain your reaction.
  3. How does Jimmy Fallon seem to feel about and around Sophia ? How can you account for / explain his attitude ?

3- Have your say

Record yourself on the class´s padlet

III- Do you often lose your keys ? Here might be the solution


1- Discover the solution


2- React and take notes

  1. What problems can this innovation solve ?
  2. Some firms in Sweden and the US have thrown chip parties. In the future if you are invited by your employer at such a party, how will you react, do you think ? Explain.
  3. How would you feel if you had a chip in your hand ?

3- Have your say

Record yourself to report on the padlet


The Help

 The Help is a film adaptation of a bestseller. It deals with our first theme this year, namely African American History and it is available for free at the moment if you have access to Amazon Prime


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Contact me about pesonal recommendations you would have for your classmates.

Please include a few words about the subject of the book or film and , if you want, you can also write why you recommend it.

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