Is transhumanism the next version of humanity or are we already transhuman ?

This is the page for your English work from 23rd January to 29th January

1) Get informed about the subject : Scroll down to « I- What is transhumanism? » Follow the numbers (1. what is transhumanism? then 2. a),  2B, and 3)

2) Then, react : scroll down to « II- assignment »

3) Check your vocabulary in III-vocabulary to remember

I-What is transhumanism ? How far are we from there?


1- What is transhumanism ?

« the pace of technology will evolve to the point that biology becomes the limiting factor » 

Watch all or

  • from 0:00 to 1:10
  • from 1:48 to 2:13
  • from 3:15 to 4:00
  • from 9:00 to 10:10
  • from 10.45 to 12:20



2-a)Read about Elon musk's plans to build mind-reading implants

In summer 2019, Musk unveiled his scheme of creating mind-reading implants. His objective is medical but it also has to do with AI.

How is it connected ? 



2-b) Check your comprehension and vocabulary

3-Bionic people

The promises of AI for disabled people

Watch all to discover different stories or just from 7:45 to the end


Watch the entire video underneath about Rob Spence, the Eyeborg.


 II – Assignment

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4-select some of the questions underneath and talk for about 2 mn on the padlet or drop a recording on pronote or write your answers and drop them on pronote

  1. Do you agree that we already have « a symbiotic relationship with our technology » and that « we are already transhuman » (Jason Sosa) ?
  2. « Technology will be seen as an extension of ourselves »(J. Sosa). What is fascinating about this conception of technology and what possibilities will it offer us? What may we lose on the way ?
  3. How are you reacting to the idea that we are letting machines do some of the thinking we used to do ? Where is this leading us as a species ?
  4. To what extent are you convinced by the scientist´s response to the journalist´s question about the necessity to use animals for the research on exoskeletons (11:15).
  5. From the moment when we say « yes » to AI in order to solve issues  about disabilities, aren´t we changing humanity ? If that is the case, do you think that we can and should now set some restrictions on our way to merge (fusionner) with machines ?
  6. In the future, what may be the motivations of healthy people who want to « enhance » their bodies with technology ?
  7. Let us say you are an investor. What technological project that you have heard about (not especially in the English course) would you finance and why ?

 III – Vocabulary to remember

5-If you are not sure whether you know the meaning, check by clicking on the word

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