Notions : scientific innovations and responsibility

Is the future transhuman ?

1) Check your comrephension

 You will discover the answers by clicking on the questions. Check your comprehension before.

1. What did Neuralink manage to do ? What is the ultimate aim of such research ?

It created « a wireless implantable device that can read your mind. » The goal is to achieve a symbiosis between human and machine.

2. Provide 3 quotes to show that E. Musk believes that it is necessary to enable a union between humans and AI systems.
  • « staving off what he considers to be anexistential threat”: artificial intelligence (AI) surpassing human intelligence. »

  • This has a very good purpose, which is to cure diseases, and ultimately secure humanity’s future.”

  • Even under a benign AI, we will be left behind. With a brain-machine interface, we will have the option to go along for the ride.”

3. In what field is the advancement going to be applied (appliqué) first ?

In the medical field. It will be used for paralyzed people.


2) Check your vocabulary

 THe vocabulary is extracted from the article and belongs to the notion od the Idea of Progress.

1. Translate "appareil sans fil qui peut être implanté"

wireless implantable device

2. Give a synonym of "achievement"


3.Translate : Les scientifiques implanteront une puce dans le cerveau d´un patient

The scientists will implant a chip in a patient´s brain.

4. Give a synonym of "fear" that starts with a "d"


5. Neuralink prévoit un futur où l´implantation de tels appareils / dispositifs sera une procédure peu risquée.

Neuralink foresee(s) a future when the implantation of such devices will be a low-risk procedure.

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