Vocabulary from the document Northern Ireland´s Street art


Look at 1) words in English AND 2) From French into English

The words in CAPITAL letters are the words that ALL need to know (LVA_B_C)

The words that are not in capital letters are to be known by the LVA and LVB

Click on the words to see the definition

1) Words in English




a work of art on a wall

how SIGNIFICANT is the street art scene in Belfast today?

= how important is…


figurative language. Ex : Biblical imagery pervades through the book : les images bibliques sont omniprésentes dans le livre


= work of art

a reminder of the past
something that reminds / recalls the past
slightly different

=somewhat / a little bit different

globally: on a world scale, mondialement

on a world scale, mondialement

ACHIEVE a lasting peace

atteindre une paix durable


= monotonous


=wealthy, rich

2) From French to English

l'oeuvre d'art symbolise une communauté divisée

the artwork SYMBOBLIZES / SYMBOBLISES (Br) a divided community



L´art REFLÈTE la société

art reflects society

une région où vit la classe ouvrière

a working-class area

être sous pression

be under pressure

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